I have to work with attributes and I'd like to understand how it really works.

So first of all, in the BackOffice can someone explain me :

columns of attributes On this picture above what is the difference between :

  • on the scope column : Store View , Global and Website. What does that change ?
  • on the system and comparablecolumn : What does that mean ? What is the impact if I put system to yes / no ? Same question for comparable column.
  • on the column Use in Layered Navigation : What is the difference between Filterable (with results), Filterable (no results) and No

Thx a lot in advance for your answers. If you got any website that explains what are the difference between all of this I'll be really grateful.


Scope: when the attribute will be used. While it's not exactly the same, you can find info about scopes here.

System: if an attribute was created by the system, it will show Yes. Most of the attributes you will create will show No if manually/programatically created but I've seen exceptions.

Comparable: is this attribute going to be used in the compare? Yes|No, you choose.

Use in Layered Navigation: attribute used for filtering. From here I got

Filterable (with results) means that links will only appear for values where the number of results (the number in parentheses next to each value) is greater than zero. Filterable (no results) means that links will appear for all values, whether the number of results is zero or greater.

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