I know that if I add a helper to my module I need to declare it in config.xml using:


But, what if I want to add more helpers, how do I tell Magento about their existence?

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to the config.xml you are not defining one helper.

You just define alias for calling helpers using Mage::helper('helper_alias') method.

According to magento code convention module name is used as helper's alias.

Actually in tag you are defining helper prefix which will be associated with helper alias.


Mage::helper('helper_alias') is the same as new Namespace_Module_Helper_Date.

If you want to call some other helper.

For example Namespace_Module_Helper_Otherhelper, you just new to call


Update: How to rewrite helper?

In config.xml you can rewrite any existing magento helpers.

For example if you want to rewrite Mage_Catalog_Helper_Product_Compare you need to add


Hope that will help you.

  • What if I want to add/rewrite a helper in a 'sub-namespace' (not quite sure how to call it), say Mage_Catalog_Helper_Product_Compare? Would <class>Mynamespace_Mymodule_Helper> include this as well? How would I call it?
    – fuumind
    Feb 16, 2014 at 20:43
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    Answer was updated. Feb 16, 2014 at 21:00

In my case I had to rewrite two helpers:

  1. enterprise_wishlist module helper

  2. mage_wishlist module helper

In my config.xml I have added:


Also don't forget to add:

  1. Helper/Data.php

    class Namespace_Modulename_Helper_Data extends Enterprise_Wishlist_Helper_Data
  2. Helper/Shared/Data.php

    class Namespace_Modulename_Helper_Shared_Data extends Mage_Wishlist_Helper_Data

In this way you can change.

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