I am trying to get the products,customers and orders through REST Api. It's working forapi/rest/products getting product collection. But unable fetch the customers api/rest/customers and orders api/rest/orders collection it shows Access denied - 403

  • Can you help me regard rest api customer getting error : snag.gy/MVINwS.jpg @Ansar – Gem Oct 19 '18 at 11:01

Magento REST API. These three access levels are as follows:

  1. Guest
  2. Customer
  3. Admin

Guest: This level has access only to public resources. eg. Retrive products, Retrive categories & Retrive products images

Customer: Customer can be a registered and logged in user. This type of user can have access only to its own resources as well as to public resources.

Admin: Admin can be the store owner. This type has full set of permissions

See more details click here

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