Importing Configurable product with color and size but only size are visible on site.

What i followed here:

  1. I exported all sample data of site.
  2. Copy one configurable product with its associated products.
  3. Changed All sku(to make this product unique)
  4. Deleted: Url keys, images.
  5. Checked with Sample-data as well.

This work well but only Size are displaying not Color.

Whats working: If import product with one configurable option like Color or size then it works even with color-swatches.

Please help me to fix what I am missing.

Update: Same issue was here in magento version 1.7 and it was fixed: Magento Configurable Product Export, Multiple Super Attribute Error Fix. I hope its not issue in magento 2.1.2


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You have to Follow below step for creating Configurable product.

  1. Create Simple Product with require attribute.
  2. Create Configurable Product with configurable_variations with contain SKU and attributes like sku=sku_of_simple_product,color=RED,size=XXSof Simple Product and one another column like configurable_variation_labels which contain color=Color,size=Size.
  3. After perform this step you can import configurable product.

It may help you.

  • This does not work. I already tried this method before posting here
    – Jarnail S
    Commented Jan 2, 2017 at 4:42

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