When CMS blocks get disappear after patch installation we normally do is:

  • System > Permissions > Blocks
  • Add New Block
  • Block Name: cms/block
  • Is Allowed : Yes

I feel it's a tricky quick fix. So, i am wondering if there are any other best practices to solve this issue ?


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$whitelistBlock = Mage::getModel('admin/block')->load('catalog/product_featured',
              $whitelistBlock->setData('block_name', 'catalog/product_featured');
              $whitelistBlock->setData('is_allowed', 1);

If you want more details about this issue please refer to the question below.

APPSEC-1057 How to add variables or blocks to the white list tables


I don't think this is a trick

For security reasons in security patch magento introduce this feature in security pathch SUPEE-6788.

so after applying this seacurity patch you have to do whiltlist your block types that you gonna use in cms-block or cms-page.

This concept introduce after this security patch so this is not a trick.

this is the proper way to doing this.

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