I just upgraded my Magento from to FYI, I'm using HHVM 3.15 not Zend. Everything works fine, except for the coupon. I noticed even when using vanilla installation, problem exists.

I tried to dig deeper with the couponPostAction() method (Mage_Checkout_CartController) and pay attention to this line:

$this->_getQuote()->setCouponCode($isCodeLengthValid ? $couponCode : '')->collectTotals()->save();

I also checked the sales_flat_quote table and found that subtotal_with_discount and base_subtotal_with_discount fields are already correct, however the the grand_total and base_grand_total are not because both are still showing the original amount.

I couldn't figure it out why the quote model didn't calculate the discount amount and save to grand_total and base_grand_total correctly.

Any help would be appreciated.

EDIT: I tried with PHP 7 and the problem appears to be the same. It works on PHP 5.5


If you upgrade your server to php 7 then this issue arise.

This module fixed things up for me: https://github.com/hartmut-co-uk/magento-php7-totals-fix

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