I want to add confirmation popup on place order button at final check out step.The flow is like

if (click on I understood){
   //then proceed

I tried to add simple jquery and calling it on onclick event bit it is not working.

need help asap


For that you have to edit your chekout.js file.


At Line No 900 you find

save: function(){
  var data=confirm("click on I understood!");
  if (data==true)
      // your code for by default checkout.provide.
     //if not then your code.

Hope you got the solution.


I know this is very late, but for anyone looking for this, the solution offered is terrible. Prototype actually offers a way to 'extend' existing functions.

Since the 'Place Order' button triggers the Review.save()-function, you can extend it using wrap() as follows:

Within your custom module, add a block or js_item from your layout XML file (as long as its loaded after opcheckout.js) and do the following:

Review.prototype.save = Review.prototype.save.wrap(function(save) {
    // Do whatever you like, and if you want to call the parent method just call:

That's it! A way cleaner (not overriding or editing core files) approach.

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