In my system were two store views. "Default Store View" (store_id=1) and "Custom Store View" (store_id=2). Custom view always was default. I removed unnecessary store view "Default".

When I programmatically import products it stores values to table catalog_product_entity_varchar for store_id=2. In my code I don't set any store id. I tried to set but it gives me no result.

So when I want to change product name for "Main Website" it gives me nothing at frontend (there is the same product name as it was, i.e. for store_id=2), because it edits value only for store_id=0 ("Main WEbsite"), but no changes for store_id=2.

There no ability to switch for "Custom Store View" for now when it is only one store view in system.

I have single store mode enabled and I need only one store view with only one value type for each product. I know that I can cleanup some tables with values for store_id=2, but my system does import of products every day, therefore I need to turn off storing values for Custom Store View.

How to do this? Or any other ideas how to fix this?

UPD: Github issue page https://github.com/magento/magento2/issues/7877#issuecomment-317441253

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