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I've been having trouble getting my google to crawl my site.

When I run a check on my http header it returns a 404 not found, but I can clearly navigate to the page and it renders fine.

Address: 'atebol.com'

A bit of history on the setup, I originally had the site on a different domain and I enabled web server rewrites. when I changed over I updated the config data with teh base url and cleared the cache. ever since I have been getting a 404 but still able to access my site. for some reason I am not able to turn off server rewrites in the backend, when i do it just says "configuration has been saved" but still says 'yes' in the field.

I have tried swapping out the htaccess with the original htaccess config but has no effect.

can someone please help me, let me know if you need anymore information, thank you.

  • You can see that the server is returning a 404 header for every page request. You'd need to see if this is a server configuration or a Magento issue. Dec 13, 2016 at 16:31

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I have found the issue, I'm not sure exactly why but it was the home cms page that was configuired incorrectly that was causing the problem. I installed a custom home page module and pointed it to that and that solved the problem

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