I have installed a bitnami build of Magento 2 on AWS and have noticed that on their core build we can't add a percentage based "Customizable Option" to any products. We can add the customizable option as a percentage in the backend but it shows as fixed in the frontend. Has anyone experienced this issue and has a fix please?

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create or edit a new product with mandatory product description and price, stock etc
  2. Select 'Customizable Options' tab
  3. Add Option title > Anything
  4. Select Option type > Field
  5. Add Price > enter 50
  6. Select Price type = Percent
  7. Add Sku = xyz
  8. Save Product

Expected result

  1. Open newly created product in frontend
  2. Select Customizable Option from above
  3. Test percentage increase

Actual result

fixed priced option only available - no percentage increase available. It's basically taken the % increase value and kept it as a fixed price increase. I did notice in the backend that when I change the option from fixed to percent that the $ value in the input box doesn't change to %.

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