i have created a category named blog which has url key blog.html to appear on main menu. And now i have a blog page at <site-url>/blog

I want to redirect blog.html [Category URL] to /blog

What i tried :

  1. via url rewrite [Backend > Marketing > URL Rewrites]. Here blog.html is redirected to catalog/category/view/id/5. enter image description here

    • My intenstion was to create a url rewrite blog.html to /blog.
    • now when i try to create such redirect(custom type) it says "Request Path for Specified Store already exists."
    • I stuck here and couldn't create the desired redirect. enter image description here
  2. Then i tried with htaccess Inside <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> i added Redirect 301 /blog.html http://www.mysiteurl.com/blog where RewriteEngine is on

and didn't get the luck either way.

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Please only use .htaccess or https://github.com/Mestrona/Mestrona_CategoryRedirect Module. I already faced this issue.

  1. Delete & Create that Category Again.
  2. Use Above Module.
  3. Lastly, i have solved by .htaccess.

Let me know if any issue.

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