I have a problem with catalog price.

If my product price is $1,989.89

I want Magento to auto change , to . and display price this way. enter image description here

My XML for es_MX is:


    <symbols numberSystem="latn">
        <decimal draft="contributed">.</decimal>
        <group draft="contributed">,</group>
        <percentSign draft="contributed">%</percentSign>
        <plusSign draft="contributed">+</plusSign>
        <minusSign draft="contributed">-</minusSign>
        <exponential draft="contributed">E</exponential>
        <superscriptingExponent draft="contributed">×</superscriptingExponent>
        <perMille draft="contributed">‰</perMille>
        <infinity draft="contributed">∞</infinity>
        <nan draft="contributed">NaN</nan>
    <decimalFormats numberSystem="latn">
                <pattern draft="contributed">#,##0.###</pattern>

Help me to fix !!!



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