I am doing a webapi for Magento 2.1 and i need to create configurable product and simple products and then linking it all up.

A psuedo-code normal transaction will look something like this.

//Initialize database transactionFactory
$this->transactionFactory:  \Magento\Framework\DB\TransactionFactory

$addTransaction = $this->transactionFactory->create();


 //Point 1: Add simple products
 $simpleProduct = [....]
 $simpleProduct2 = [....] 

 //Point 2: Add configurable product
 $configurableProduct = [....]

 //Point 3: Add to transaction
 $addTransaction->addObject($configurableProduct );

 //Point 4: Form the relation

 //Point 5: Save transaction
 $result = $addTransaction->save();



i am aware the above wouldn't work as the products have not been added to database yet at point 4, so i am not able to retrieve the IDs to form the relation.

So my requirement is to do a "transaction-save" BEFORE point 4, as i need to have the IDs of the simple products and configurable product before i can form the relation. But at the same time, have an option to rollback everything if any error comes up from point 4 onwards.

Any advice would be great. Thanks

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