Can i write over a module js file in Magento 2?

  • What are the cons doing it?
  • Are there any build in functions that allows me to write to a modules file (I know php allows it).

The problem - I have data in database that I want to use in autocomplete field. The idea is that when the data gets updated in databases then Magento 2 overwrites the file where the array of the file is stored? Are there any cons when the array contains about 100+ variables?

What would demand more resource, fetching data from db with ajax or storing it in a js file?

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I would keep the data in the Database and use a Block Cache to cache the inline javascript data as part of the page HTML.

Then when a user updates the database model (save, delete, etc), you just invalidate that cache... and the next page load for the frontend will regenerate the HTML with the new DB info.

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