Error received when trying to deploy static-content

What am I attempting to do here?:
In the console I kept getting a message that says 404: unable to find styles-m.css.
It finds styles-l.css and print.css but not mobile, no matter what I do.

Google searches told me that I need to do deploy static content to get this working properly (I don't get why but ok). So upon doing this, I get the following messages shown in the image.

So essentially, I don't care much for the deploy static content part, I just want to fix the styles-m so that I don't get the error message. However, if this error message I just got about the index will come to bite me later on, I'd like to fix this as well.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.


Static deploy is not work after di compile. So delete var/di, run static deplay and then run compiler

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