I have a Magento web site stuck in displaying admin pages in Arabic language.

I've tried changing the language via cpanel and also via the admin pages, general etc...

Can anyone tell me if I can do this manually in a DB table or file as it's hard enough trying to view these pages and try to decipher the text.

  • Was it switched to Arabic on purpose at some point, or maybe you got hacked? – Julien Lachal Dec 1 '16 at 16:01

I Just solved this way, after having changed my language locale for my admin account in one not installed (it_IT, thus I could not go back to original en_US because of no link functionality.

Follow these rules: 1) find your directory pub\static\adminhtml\Magento\backend\en_US (or original install package in your case) 2) copy all content in the other \backend directory, overwriting all.

refresh browser, done...

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