I have a custom product page and have a button too on that page below the product. I added a link on the product and the link is

<a href="<?php echo $_product->getProductUrl() ?>">

so When I'm clicking on this link the page is redirecting to "product_name.html" . So my question is, where would i find this "product_name.html" or is there any way that I could add a custom page on that link and edit that page according my need?


You can use url rewrites: Go to Catalog>URL Rewrite Managment and add a URL Rewrite for product. It will walk you though and then in the last step you need to modify the Request Path (this will be your custom prodcut_name.html), click save and you have your custom url added to your product.


You can use $product->getUrlPath() instead of $product->getProductUrl().

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