I testing the REST API with the Fire Fox Rest API Client. But I am getting 403 Access Denined. I have checked with all the permissions as mentioned in the other answers but could not get through. I am new to REST API.

enter image description here


However, by looking at below API, I have not found any information regarding Login.



I am able to get the Login screen as below.

enter image description here

Now the question is from where will I get oauth_token ?


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Please ensure that your user->role has permission for customer if you are fetching customer

Please go to system->permission->role and add permission for your user role for access.

  • Thanks, I have given all the access. Also check my update Commented Nov 29, 2016 at 13:35
  • my rest api : return 403 access denied error, but products return wokring -> -> working. May i know what is the error? @Murtuza Zabuawala
    – zus
    Commented Oct 24, 2018 at 6:12

The URL passed for authorization has to be over https, otherwise you get the error message.


From the screenshot provided, I can see you have not provided the OAuth 1.0 credentials (consumer key & secret, token key & secret) as RESTClient would have shown a red dropdown labelled OAuth 1.0 on the right of Request as in the screenshot below oauth parameters provided

To enter the OAuth 1.0 credentials, select Authentication from the top menu, then OAuth 1.0. You can then fill in the text boxes with their corresponding credentials and save it by checking Remember this signature

enter image description here

In the Settings tab, change the Signature method to HMAC-SHA1

Then you are good to go.

In case you do not have any OAuth credentials, follow this post by Joshua Austill

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