What is the format of a Magento 2 password? For example:


Is it (salt + password):salt:1 ? Because I've tried creating a SHA256 hashed password through a python function with that format, but it doesn't work.


This is the method that hashes a password:

public function getHash($password, $salt = false, $version = self::HASH_VERSION_LATEST)
    if ($salt === false) {
        return $this->hash($password);
    if ($salt === true) {
        $salt = self::DEFAULT_SALT_LENGTH;
    if (is_integer($salt)) {
        $salt = $this->random->getRandomString($salt);
    return implode(
            $this->hash($salt . $password),

Where $this->hash is this:

public function hash($data, $version = self::HASH_VERSION_LATEST)
    return hash($this->hashVersionMap[$version], $data);

For customers the version parameter is not specified so it will use sha256

So 0504c745003c3d3e7ddc542ae510e1122b7e351435fbdc2986587f9ef295d6af:pfcFuoTL2qienx37PGFHOhWYoXEQwyxo:1 means

  • 0504c745003c3d3e7ddc542ae510e1122b7e351435fbdc2986587f9ef295d6af - sha256(salt + password)
  • pfcFuoTL2qienx37PGFHOhWYoXEQwyxo - salt
  • 1 . encryption method from the \Magento\Framework\Encryption\Encryptor which is sha256

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