Whenever I edit a product, the Store View (scope) is set to "All Store Views" each time.

In my particular setup, I would like this to default to Main Website > Main Website Store > Default Store View, but can't find a way to do it.

Any advice? The solution can be a configuration setting or programmatic, I don't mind.

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The admin link is generate by this method

As you can see there is already a line that checks for a store id

$storeId = $this->context->getFilterParam('store_id');.
You can write an around plugin on this method. You will basically keep the same code but replace the line mentioned above with $storeId = 1(or other value if you have a different one)

  • That's superb - it worked a treat. Many thanks!
    – Geat
    Nov 23, 2016 at 22:04
  • Can you please send me around method code here @marius because I'm getting error in Magento version 2.3.3
    – Ronak
    May 19, 2020 at 16:34

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