when i open my site with https some js missing. If i open with http it's working fine. I have installed SSl after redirect to https. I have also check store->configuration->web->Secure url but it's all set. See below js files are missing

  1. sitepath/pub/static/frontend/emtheme/theme_name/en_CA/jquery/jquery-storageapi.js
  2. sitepath/pub/static/frontend/emtheme/theme_name/en_CA/dropdownDialog.js
  3. sitepath/pub/static/frontend/emtheme/theme_name/en_CA/equalElement.js
  4. sitepath/pub/static/frontend/emtheme/theme_name/en_CA/domReady.js
  5. sitepath/pub/static/frontend/emtheme/theme_name/en_CA/modal.js

Also same issue arrive in checkout page.


Make sure you have in system configuration --> web --> secure urls to allow ssl in front end.

If that's set to yes already, I usually cheat and set the insecure base URL to be prefixed with HTTPS:// (yes I know it says insecure) then that will make your site run under https exclusively and ensure all resources are loaded securely.

cause: Most browsers will block the loading of insecure content (e.g js, css) on a HTTPS session for security

  • Already configuration --> web --> secure urls to allow ssl in frontend. Also i have set insecure url with https:// but still issue there. – nil108 Nov 24 '16 at 5:07
  • Clear all caches including JS and images cache – Timothy Frew Nov 24 '16 at 7:12

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