I have made custom module for that I have to change tables primary key due to some reasons.I have updated it in Model\Resource\Modelclass.php file , flush cache including "Flush Cache Storage" of cache management.

But enable to save data in db.

It shows properly the saved module and its id by 1.)

$saved_obj = $model->save();
echo'<pre>';print_r($saved_obj->getData()); exit; 


$insertid = $model->save()->getId();
echo'<pre>';print_r($insertid); //exit();

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I have found my problem's answer in comment's of below question Magento model->save() doesnt working by OSdave.

As i have changed the pk but my one is not auto incremental so i have to specify to the model resource's construct that $this->_isPkAutoIncrement = false;

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