I have an installation of Magento community installed (v. 1.81). In this installation I have installed the uDropship Marketplace, which allows us to have multiple vendors on the site.

But my problem is, that I need some additional information on the different vendors that the module do not support out of the box. I need the vendors to be able to include their nationality and native VAT-rate (a special European sales tax rate).

How do I do this, the VAT/tax-rate is needed to calculate the products prices based on the specific vendor VAT rate. In other words, can I just add the fields in the Unirgy uDropship_vendor table or do I need to implement and consider std. Magento functionality as well?

I hope you are able to help me out - I do not hear back from Unirgy support, though they have been great on helping me out earlier..


uDropship already provided solution for this.

Go to Admin->Sales->Dropship->Vendor->(Select Any Vendor)->Custom Data

Here You can add your data, in your case say VAT and TIN then

===== VAT =====
===== TIN =====

And this data is available on product template via using

<?php echo Mage::helper('udropship') ->getVendor($_product) ->getData('VAT');
echo Mage::helper('udropship') ->getVendor($_product) ->getData('TIN');

You always find this data using vendor data

  • Hi @ganesh, thank you very much for replying. I am not sure that I understand you correctly.. But will I be able to register the VAT rate on the specific vendor (under custom data), and it will be stored so I can retrieve that value calculating product price incl. vendor VAT-rate? In other words it is important to me that if I have an order that represent maybe 5 different vendors with different products then I will need to add/calculate the incl. VAT price based on each vendor VAT-rate registered in "custom data"? Sorry I am not that technical :(.. – Mikael Kristensen Feb 7 '14 at 15:12
  • This custom data field is for specific vendor, so if you have 5 product from 5 different vendor in order, then for each $_product when you try to print echo Mage::helper('udropship') ->getVendor($_product) ->getData('VAT');, you will get VAT value corresponding Vendor who own this product. – Sandesh Feb 8 '14 at 5:53

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