I currently made 3 "Link Blocks" and added them as widgets to my footer. The CSS was messed up and the block were NOT side by side aligned. Then, I added "display:flex" to ".links" div class. Now the Footer looks great and is side by side (not in mobile tho).

enter image description here

The Problem now is, there are multiple div classes called ".links", so they also have the css property "display:flex". This messes up some things like the image down below.

enter image description here

If someone could help me with this problem, I would be very very happy!

  • Is there a parent container for the footer? then you could simply add a css line (i.e.) div.footer .links { display: flex; } to the css file, then it will be only applied to the links in the footer.
    – Robin
    Nov 18, 2016 at 12:00

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I encountered this same problem in magento 2.1.0, I simply changed the css and it worked: .footer.content .links{display:flex;}

Also, I gave the class=footerlinks to the unordered list created in each block and added the css .footer.links {display: block !important;}

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