I am new to magento and using magento 1.9 version.

I want show/Hide adminpanel form field based on the other checkbox is checked.

How to do this using javascript.


As an example you have two field:

$checkbox = $fieldset->addField('name', 'checkboxes', array('label' => 'check', 'name' => 'name[]',
    'values' => array(
        array('value'=>'1', 'label'=>'1'),
        array('value'=>'2', 'label'=>'2'),
        array('value'=>'3', 'label'=>'3'),
        array('value'=>'4', 'label'=>'4'),
        array('value'=>'5', 'label'=>'5'),

                'label' => Mage::helper('module')->__('Another Field'),
                'name' =>  'another_field',

    ->addFieldDependence($another_field->getName(),$checkbox->getName(),1) );

From above code if 1 checkbox checked then textarea will be visible.

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