I am attempting step 3.i of the Upgrading to and Verifying Magento Community Edition 1.8 and Enterprise Edition 1.13 - Part 1 instructions. The site is functioning, but when I attempt to run the URL migration script, I see this:

[root@quantumpostcards store2]# php -f shell/url_migration_to_1_13.php - 2 [INFO]: Initialization...

Fatal error: Call to a member function init() on a non-object in shell/url_migration_to_1_13.php on line 74

I have cleared the cache and set var/ to 777 based on previous comments, but these had no impact. Any Suggestion?

FWIW I can successfully run shell/indexer.php (php -f shell/indexer.php -- --reindexall).

  • Have you considered looking at the code file to see what's at line 74 which the error message makes mentioning? I'd look, but I'm on my phone ATM. ;) – davidalger Feb 7 '14 at 1:44
  • My apologies, that would have been helpful. oleksii.svarychevskyi has done that for us, below. – monkeygod Feb 7 '14 at 21:22

shell/url_migration_to_1_13.php on line 74 contains code


Fatal error: Call to a member function init() on a non-object

This error means that your script cannot create model instance of


Go to app/code/core/Enterprise and check if Mview module is there.

If it is there just clear cache and try to run script again.

If it's not then you did not update you core code to 1.13.*, because 1.12.* version has no Enterprise_Mview module.

So you cannot run shell/url_migration_to_1_13.php if your code/core is not 1.13.* version.

Also check if module initialization config Enterprise_Mview.xml is present in app/etc.

Anyway make sure that you have all initialization files from EE-1.13.

  • I wish it was that simple, but that module is present -- drwxrwxr-x 6 apache dev 4096 Nov 11 12:38 Mview – monkeygod Feb 7 '14 at 21:18
  • Answer updated. – oleksii.svarychevskyi Feb 8 '14 at 10:22
  • I have all the files. In looking through table core_resource, I see that the upgrade installs did not actually fire off. Everything is still set to version 1.6, 1.11 or 1.12 -- nothing is at 1.13. Admin is showing version but missing the new 1.13 functionality... Back to ground zero. – monkeygod Feb 10 '14 at 20:23
  • In core_resource table version columns contain information about module versions and not magento version. For example in my magento 1.13 installation I have only four extensions with version 1.13. Everything else is low. – oleksii.svarychevskyi Feb 10 '14 at 20:54
  • Correct, but I have no 1.13.x module updates. Something else is failing... – monkeygod Feb 10 '14 at 21:49

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