I am using Magento ver. with SM Market Template, we have delivery services to few cities, I want to have the city as dropdown list during checkout and to assign the delivery date and time based on each city.

For example we assign Pune city delivery within 2 days from the day order is placed and Bangalor city delivery within 24 hours.

I want the customer to be notified about his order delivery schedule and as well as the the delivery date and time to be included in the invoice contents.

Here, I am asking to suggest me with any available extension, code, idea or a tutorial which can be utilized with our platform in order to overcome this problem.

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you can use checkout_submit_all_after Event

get order details in observer using below code

$order = $observer->getEvent()->getOrder();

get all the detail and send mail programmatically

Refer this for event and observer

can refer this for custom mail

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