I have added a new field to the registration form but I am struggling to place it in the correct location. I want to locate it between "Last name" & "Email", its currently below the "sign up for newsletter" checkbox.

How do i do it?


This field is generated from the data I added to the database so just moving template code around doesn't appear to be an option.

Looking at the template hints the field is generated by frontend/customforms/default/template/customer/form/userattributes.phtml and frontend/customforms/default/template/customer/form/renderer/text.phtml and customer.xml and the node <customer_form_template_handle> removing one will stop the field from being generated.

It would appear making some adjustment to a block would be the answer, maybe by adding it to the local.xml in my custom theme. But what is the best way, do I add all 50 lines of <customer_form_template_handle>?

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There are 2 types of attributes for customers and customer addresses. System attributes and User defined attributes.
The type of the attribute is determined by the flag is_system in the customer_eav_attribute.
The attributes displayed by the template customer/form/userattributes.phtml are the user defined ones (is_system = 0).
The other attributes like name, e-mail and so on need to have an input set manually.
So in order to add a field between last name and e-mail, you must set you new attribute as is_system = 1 and then manually put the html markup in the registration form right where you want it.

  • I have is_visible set to 1 and the field has been added to customtheme/areaname/template/customer/widget/name.phtml. It now shows up between lastname and email, but username is also being displayed below the newsletter checkbox. In addition to this username that I have added to the template is not recognised as a mandatory field
    – tony09uk
    Feb 6, 2014 at 15:37

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