I am relatively new to magento and would like to receive some advice concerning a Magento update from to I can't use the intrinsic update feature for several reasons. The main one is, that I develop with a vagrant setup. Changing files in the vagrant box will not be reflected in my IDE. I need to change files directly. I use git to store all my code changes (no changes are in the core). I use a git push deployment strategy for development, staging and production environments.

Possible complications: - I use several own and 3rd party extensions

So what is the best way to achieve this? Is it enough to copy over all data in app/code/core and then test? Or do I need to consider other things as well?

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I would always use the development box for applying updates, and then push the changes via GIT.

If you are limited to only working through your IDE, then there are a lot of changes that you would need to make. Not just in app/code/core, but often updates to app/design, js, lib, skin, etc.

Very rarely does Magento remove files/folders, but it is possible. With a minor patch update, its not going to have too many changes so you could just use a merge function:

tar -xvf <filename.tar>


unzip -u <filename.zip>

Another option is to manually do it outside of your vagrant system using GIT:

  1. Create a new Branch of your project
  2. Checkout the Branch on your local system
  3. Replace all default Magento directories with the updated
  4. Verify the changes in a GIT Browser (like SourceTree), being careful not to override any customizations
  5. Add modifications, Commit and Push
  6. Checkout branch on your Vagrant setup, test and verify upgrade worked
  7. Deploy to production

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