Let's assume we create an oder. The full tax report says that the individual tax rate is 19% and the individual tax amount is 78.84 €. The total tax amount is 78.84 € as well.

Now we create the invoice. If we take a look at the Invoice totals the individual tax is off by one cent (78.83 €) and does not match the total tax amount anymore.

Order Totals vs. Invoice Totals Screenshot

This is especially problematic since the differing tax amounts (individual vs. total) are on the receipt (pdf) as well.

I can provide you with the tax calculation settings as well, but I hope I do not have to change them since everything else seems to work out fine (finally).

Screenshot of tax calculation settings

Any help on how to unify the tax calculation throughout the whole process (order creation, invoice creation)?

I do not dare to ask why the Subtotal is different as well...

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