I recently converted a Magento 1.9 module to be compatible with Magento 2. all was going well until I got this error:

Object DOMDocument should be created

I'm not experienced enough in Magento and PHP to figure out how to fix this so I linked the converted module below.

magento 1.9 module in question

I put the converted module here on github.

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Remove var/generation,var/di and then recompile using below command.

sudo bin/magento setup:di:compile

and then check maybe it will help you


Recently during a module development I got the same kind of error. In my case I found out the real error which was:

Circular dependency: Vendor\Module\Helper\Data depends on Vendor\Module\Helper\Bot and vice versa.

I removed this dependency from the __construct method of my helpers (refactored them using one parent class) and error is gone. So I'll recommend you to check circular dependencies in your code.

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