Is a customer assigned to Admin for the Associate to Website in the admin supposed to be able to log in on the frontend? If not, what is this account for? I can't seem to log on with a customer I made in the admin with website association to admin. This customer has website_id = 0 and store_id = 0.

Some background:

I have a set of customer migrated by someone else, and all of them have website_id = 1, which is correct, but the store_ids are all set to zero. Subsequently, they show up having Admin for their Associate to Website value in the admin. This seems to have been done incorrectly, as I don't think you can get the combination of values website_id = 1 and store_id = 0.

Can someone verify?

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If you create a user via the admin section with Associate to Website => Admin. Then the following will be true:

  1. store_id = 0,
  2. website_id = 0,
  3. User wont be able to log into front end :(

If you create a user via the admin section with Associate to website => Some Store. Then the following will be true.

  1. store_id = 0,
  2. website_id = 1, where 1 is the id of the website under 'Associate to website'
  3. They will be able to log into the front end for that website.

If under System->Configuration->Customer Configuration->Account Sharing Options you set this option to global than no matter what store the account was set-up on the user will be able to login. If you have this set to a website level then you can create more than one account with the same email address as long ass the associated websites are different.

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An order could be placed for that customer in the Admin, but not in the frontend.

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