I've been looking over the Magento 2 Docs for using custom JS and have been trying to add a modified version of 'configurable':'Magento_ConfigurableProduct/js/configurable' to my theme directory so that I can treat the drop downs for product sizes differently than other drop downs.

I've created a requirejs.config.js file in the root of my theme directory with the following:

var config = {
    "map": {
        "*": {

I've then copied vendor/magento/module-configurable-product/view/frontend/web/js/configurable.js to my themes Magento_ConfigurableProduct/web/js directory and added a alert to the _fillSelect method. However it doesn't seem to be taking effect.

I've run a deploy and cache clear and the file does show up in the pub/static directory correctly, however I can;t work out why this file is not being used in place of the old one.

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