I have something weird going on in my Magento environment. I'm creating a new theme for different shops. This is what is looks like:

--- default
--- theme1
--- theme2
--- theme3

I have theme1 set for my first store. In the skin I have some files in default/fonts and I don't have a fonts map with files in the skin of my theme1. Because of this, I expect my Magento to look in package/default, but it doesn't. In the console, it gives me the error that skin/frontend/package/theme1/fonts/specificfile.woff is missing.

Why doesn't it look in my theme1/default folder and how do I make this happen?

Edit: To be clear, I do have files in my app/design/frontend/package/default folder, so it's supposed to see this as a theme


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If you have css file in theme1, him is call font in current theme and you must copy font in theme1

See example below source font go back with a folder and enter the folder fonts and font if you can call it there

@font-face {
    font-family: yourFont;
    src: url(../fonts/font.woff);
  • You're absolutely right, this had nothing to do with the fallback structure.. I simply had the wrong path entered in my CSS. Thank you for giving me the tip. Commented Nov 9, 2016 at 9:25

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