I need to filter values based on and condition in my custom table

my tablename Testing

 | customer_id | customergroup      | customeremails     |

if customergroup and customeremails same means I dont add this value

so, I put this condition:

   $multiselectupdate =$multiselect->getCollection()
                                ->addFieldToFilter('customergroup', "'eq'=>$categoryname")

But, its not working for Suggest me How set And Condition in addFieldToFilter() method.


Try with below code,

$multiselectupdate =$multiselect->getCollection()
                                ->addFieldToFilter('customergroup', ['eq' => $categoryname])
                                ->addFieldToFilter('customeremails',['eq' => $mail]);

Here is the solution for you to understand how Magento 2 use query operators to filter with addFieldToFilter


or simple in your case:

$multiselectupdate->addFieldToFilter('customergroup', ['eq' => "$categoryname"]);

Try following way:

->addFieldToFilter('customergroup', array('eq'=>$categoryname))

No need to assign new variable again.


echo $multiselect->count();

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