F.y.i. The website I'm making is for buying trips on a sailboat.

My upsells file shows the upsell items that are added in the admin (like the upsells file would normally do). The product variable is 'created' like this:

foreach ($this->getItemCollection()->getItems() as $_link):
// where $_link contains all the product options

Later, I have an attribute called 'period' (a select) which shows the period when the ship sets sail.

<?php echo $_link->getAttribute('period'); ?>

Problem, it returns 'null', why?


Instead of

<?php echo $_link->getAttribute('period'); ?>

If the attribute is of type select then use :

<?php echo $_link->getAttributeText('period'); ?>

If the attribute is of type text than use:

<?php echo $_link->getData('period'); ?>


<?php echo $_link->getPeriod(); ?>
  • Yes! Thanks alot! The first one returned the select text (forgot to mention that). – Maarten Wolfsen Nov 7 '16 at 13:07

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