I am trying to create API for customer signup. I works perfectly but now i need to add one more functionality. i want to sent customer confirmation mail when customer register. i have tried all but result are null.

$session =  $client->login($apiuser, $apikey);
    $result = $client->call($session,'customer.create',array(array('email' => "$email", 'firstname' => "$firstname", 'lastname' => "$lastname", 'password' => "$password", 'website_id' => "$websiteId", 'store_id' => "$storeId", 'group_id' => 1)));
        $cust = Mage::getModel('customer/customer')->setWebsiteId(Mage::app()->getStore()->getWebsiteId())->loadByEmail($email);
        echo json_encode("New Customer created with Id-$result");
   catch( Exception $e ) {
    echo json_encode($e->getMessage());

My above code create customer successfully but not work for mail confirmation.

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Try below code...


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