I'm using Magento 2 Comminity Edition Version 2.1.2.

Need to configure Admin Action Logging.


Not able to found.


Admin Actions Logging is a feature of Magento Enterprise Edition: STORES > Configuration > ADVANCED > Admin > Admin Actions Logging

enter image description here


To add to Khoa's answer and where to find reporting data itself:

Stores -> Configuration -> Advanced -> Admin (to enable/disable available logging) enter image description here

System -> (under) Action Log -> Report (to view logged data) enter image description here


Admin action logging feature is only available for Enterprise Edition. If you wish to use this feature in community version then you can explore couple of paid plugins - https://marketplace.magento.com/mageaurigait-adminlogger.html https://bsscommerce.com/magento-2-admin-action-log-extension.html https://amasty.com/admin-actions-log-for-magento-2.html

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