I am working on a bug, which prevents items go be displayed on order confirmation email. Currently, What I am doing is after making changes, to check I have to place order and create a confirmation email. It is tedious and I am sure there should be some way to generate emails for specific orders all you smart folks may know.

I want to know if there is a way to create order confirmation email for particular order, e.g. A script in which we can specify order number and/ or other requred information and it creates generates an email or even better displays out put of email template on console.

Note: This is not same as the preview option, as preview option only displays static elements.

Thanks in Advance.


You might exit the script right after generating the email. This way the quote will remain active and you can place another order just by refreshing the - assumed white - page in your browser (thereby resubmitting your last request).

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