Okay, so I'm in a very weird situation.

I migrated my website to a faster server and suddenly the options of Add to Cart & Add to Wishlist along with the configurable options, upsell products are not appearing on the product page of configurable product, however everything is working fine for simple products.

The problem is only with the configurable products. Product images, descriptions, title & price are appearing, but not the above cited things.


Things you can do:

  1. Check status & quantity of all associated products in the configurable products.
  2. Clear magento caches+ redis caches.
  3. Do all the indexing Admin->System->Index Management

If still issue is there then for sure some code level issue is there.

  • Actually few extension files were conflicting with the theme files resulting into this mess. I got the details from exception.log file, but thanks anyway for the answer & your time. :) – Mohit Singh Nov 4 '16 at 15:39

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