I want to override a template located here:


I have done the override path liks this, but it is not working:


I have already done this with Magento checkout module and it worked like the below:

Source path:

My override path:

My current issue now is how I can translate "module-offline-payments" to something that works for the override path.

Can someone help?


Just found the answer. Here it is if someone is looking for it too.

"module-offline-payments" should be translated as "Magento_OfflinePayments" as the following:


Just had a looked at the following file to see how magento itself was registering its own module: <magento_dir>/vendor/module-offline-payments/registration.php

The module was registered as "Magento_OfflinePayments"


In theme module-overrides you can omit the view/frontend folders in the path, making the path to your overwrite file as follows:


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