I am unable to post multi dimensional array from REST API (POST Method). posting the data in below format.


{"customerData":{"name":"Mujassam", "no":"7760"}, "services":[{"product":"mobile", "id": "1"}, {"product":"day", "id":"2"}]}

Here Services is 2D Array

Interface is as below:

/** * return placed order status * @api * @param string[] $customerData * @param string[] $services * @return array */ public function createOrder($customerData, $services);

May be I am not defining 2D array properly($services)..

It gives me below error

Notice: Array to string conversion in /var/www/html/mabel/vendor/magento/framework/Reflection/TypeProcessor.php on line 496

Note: I have no problem passing the 1D array..

Hoping some body to help me..


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You try use hashmap, not array. Magento does not support this type of object. You can use KeyValueObject[] where KeyValueObject is

class KeyValueObject
  function set/getKey():string
  function set/getValue():string

see \Magento\Framework\DataObject\KeyValueObjectInterface as example

  • Thanks for ans @KAndy .. tried method \Magento\Framework\DataObject\KeyValueObjectInterface but no luck for me.. it gives me error as below.. Fatal Error: 'Uncaught Error: Cannot instantiate interface.. help me if you can Nov 3, 2016 at 5:56

Use @param anyType php doc block in your interface.

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