I am checking my website performance in gtmetrix

and I found that Remove query strings from static resources's GRADE are just 34% because of some of image URL content parameters like


enter image description here this URLs also effect on Serve resources from a consistent URL

I am not able to find out why this is happening and how to remove query string from image URL.

Note Query string only add on brand URLs others images are perform well.

  • Those look like cache busting query strings. Any chance those images are part of a non-core module? – bassplayer7 Nov 2 '16 at 12:11

I found this script code in my brand image slider template

    <script type="text/javascript">
            $('#<?php echo $uniqued;?> .slider').responsiver({
                interval: <?php echo $options->delay;?>,
                speed: <?php echo $options->duration;?>,
                start: <?php echo $options->start -1;?>,
                step: <?php echo $options->scroll;?>,
                circular: true,
                preload: true,
                fx: 'slide',
                pause: 'hover',
                    prev: '#<?php echo $uniqued;?> .control-button li[class="preview"]',
                    next: '#<?php echo $uniqued;?> .control-button li[class="next"]'
                getColumns: function(element){
                    var match = $(element).attr('class').match(/cols-(\d+)/);
                    if (match[1]){
                        var column = parseInt(match[1]);
                    } else {
                        var column = 1;
                    if (!column) column = 1;
                    return column;


The issue with preload when preload is enabled image URL print with a query string.

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