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We are trying to apply Free Shipping only to specific products - products that have an attribute like "Free Shipping" = 'Yes'.

Our configuration is set such that we only have two shipping methods: Free - which should only appear to designated products and Flat Rate - which should apply to the rest of the products.

We've setup the Cart Rules to apply Free Shipping with a straightforward rule of "If attribute = Free Shipping = Yes" give free shipping.

Yet, what is happening is that regular products are given the free shipping treatment when added to the cart.

Any insight or tips would be great on resolving this issue.




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You can set rules as

In Condition

You can use assign rule for each sku

enter image description here

In Action

select Free Shipping For matching items only

  • Hi @Priyank I want to apply free shipping for the particular category products. Sep 25, 2018 at 10:44

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