I'm having a problem in a Magento Module. I'm trying to modify a module to add an observer that will do stuf only after the invoice is created and the order is paid (sales_order_invoice_save_after), and this is what the config file looks like:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
      <moloni module="moloni">
          <molonibackend module="moloni">
          <title>Allow Everything</title>
            <moloni translate="title" module="moloni">
                  <molonibackend translate="title">

It tries to run the script in the folder includes/src folder, where I have the file Datasource_Moloni_Model_Observer.php .

Inside that file, I have something like this:


class Datasource_Moloni_Model_Auto
public function genInvoice(Varien_Event_Observer $observer)
         echo "inside the function";

echo "outside";

The result no matter what is always "outside". I've tried changing the class so many times in the XML and the PHP files, that I don't know how many things I tried...

Anyone knows why this is happening or has any sugestion? Would love to ear some feedback!

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Echoing in files to test them is not ideal. Even more in observers as the way they are called is different than anything else.

I would recommend:

  • Enable the logs in the backend
  • Replace your echo with Mage::log("inside the function"); . Also don't add echo outside of a class declaration, it won't help you debug it.
  • Or even better, use xdebug and add a breakpoint inside your function to see if it's called.
  • Also as you said "It tries to run the script in the folder includes/src folder" I would suggest you disable the compiler under System > Tools > Compilation when developping your module. Recompile and reenable once you're finished your development

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