we're trying to send a soap request to the purolator shipping API. We are stuck at the header portion.

This is what we are sending the shipping API:

  // Probleme ICI

        try {
  //Define the SOAP Envelope Headers
  $headers[] = new SoapHeader ( 'http://purolator.com/pws/datatypes/v1',
                                array (
                                        'Version'           =>  '1.4',
                                        'Language'          =>  'en',
                                        'GroupID'           =>  'xxx',
                                        'RequestReference'  =>  'Rating Example'
            ->get('Psr\Log\LoggerInterface')->debug('soapHeader created');

        } catch (\Exception $e) {
                //$debugData['result'] = ['error' => $e->getMessage(), 'code' => $e->getCode()];

  //Apply the SOAP Header to your client


                return $client;


It's simply not catching the error with the trap we made. What are we doing wrong?


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