The log_url_info table should ideally log every url visited. It seems to work by logging the "request_uri" in the session data for the user. "request_uri" in the session data is not updated, even after adding products to cart. The result is a new duplicate entry into "log_url_info" with every page load for that session.

Has anyone figured out how to fix the url logger so that it logs every url a visitor loads, not just the first?

Each of these url's should be different: same url

UPDATE: I tried this in an ultra vanilla install of, with the only change being a switch from "Visitors only" to "Yes" in System -> Configuration -> System -> Log -> Enable Log same issue! Which confirms it's either a misconfiguration or a Magento bug.

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URL logging is a little half baked and is left over from the days before Analytics became what it is. To make the logger save every URL you'll need to modify Mage/Log/Model/Visitor.php (preferably as a local override) and insert $this->setRequestUri($this->_httpHelper->getRequestUri(true)); after $this->setLastVisitAt(now()); in saveByRequest.

Once all is set and done it should look like this on

public function saveByRequest($observer)
    if ($this->_skipRequestLogging || $this->isModuleIgnored($observer))                                                    {
        return $this;

    try {
    } catch (Exception $e) {
    return $this;

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