I am working with Newsletter in Magento 2.

I have follow this link http://blog.belvg.com/newsletters-in-magento-2-0.html to Configure NewsLetter in Magento 2.

After Queueing Newsletter, admin side changes status "Not Sent" to Sent.

But, throws an error in CustomerSupport: sender address must contain a domain

In newsletter_problem table and Report-> NewsLetter Problem in admin side.

But, All the Mail function working fine like subscription mail, new account mail.

Suggest me why this problem occur and how to solve this.

  • The error message: sender address must contain a domain? Oct 25, 2016 at 15:20
  • yes, @KhoaTruongDinh I update answer check it. Oct 25, 2016 at 16:14

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I am using magento 2.0.8. I have checked newsletter module


Core Code: line no:239

->setFrom( ['name' => $this->getNewsletterSenderEmail(), 'email' => $this->getNewsletterSenderName()])

change like this:

->setFrom( ['name' => $this->getNewsletterSenderName(), 'email' => $this->getNewsletterSenderEmail()])

Now, Newsletter Sent Successfully. i don't know its bug in magento 2.0.8.

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