After upgrading Magento CE to version, it stopped writing to log_url and log_url_info tables.

When I connect directly to mySQL database and make a SELECT query to log_url ordering by visit_time, the last record I get is about the time just before the upgrade.

At the same time I can see new records in other tables like log_visitor and log_visitor_info, so the logging seems to work only partially.


  1. Has anyone else experienced this after upgrading to CE 1.9 ?
  2. Maybe the tables have been deprecated and are not used by Magento anymore? I could not find any official documentation on this.

I was able to reproduce this issue on my development scenario as well (just upgrade Magento CE from 1.7 to 1.9).

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Sorry for answering my own question, but I found the cause of such behaviour.

In Magento CE 1.9 they added new setting for controlling the logs: Enable Log with values Yes, No and Visitors Only. In CE 1.7 it did not exist.

The default value of this setting applied after Magento upgrade is Visitors Only which causes that logs are saved to log_visitor and log_visitor_info but other log tables like log_url, log_url_info and log_customer are empty.

After switching Enable Log to Yes, the logs are saved to all the mentioned tables.

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