I did all the changes that user Emizen-tech https://stackoverflow.com/users/6333615/emizen-tech recomend:


but when I send my PUT request for changing a price it does not work:


The result is:

{ "message": "Invalid product data: %1" "parameters": [1]

    0: "Invalid attribute set entity type"


The issue is how I pass the parameter Store Id in the URL. How can I separate the sku from the parameter Store Id??


Looks like I´ve just found the solution ! Instead of using store number I used the name I gave it.

This is the URL that worked now: {/rest/skyhub/V1/products/sku}

skyhub is the name of my store with id 2. :) Hope this helps you too.


I am writing an answer cause I cannot add comments yet. I am facing the same issue. Were you able to solve it ?

I am using the URL: {/rest/2/V1/products/sku} to update store 2 but I get error.

My JSON: {"product":{"visibility":1}}

Error: {"message":"Specified request cannot be processed."}

  • rest/<store_code>/V1/products/<sku> Mar 25 '20 at 17:56

you can update the product by the following endpoint


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